Timeslip Details
Track: Lonestar Motorsports Park
Date: Mar 17th, 2007
Timeslip Details:
Reaction Time: 0.205
60 Foot Time: 1.571
330 Foot Time: 4.312
1/8 Mile Time: 6.672
1/8 Mile MPH: 104.92
1000 Foot Time: 8.567
1/4 Mile Time: 10.399
1/4 Mile MPH: 131.85
1000 is unknown - i plugged the # to make it go thru My Supra was full weight all the way down to the spare, jack and tools. Boost was right at 27psi while running super fat air fuel ratio on 10.3. I was running MT drag radials on RX7 rims 18" street tires up front. I let out twice before the 1/8 mile as car was drifting to the center line.
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